New build troubles

I just built my computer and I could use some help. I started by bread boxing(out of the case) with only the main compoents. I have only attached the CPU + fan, the ram sticks, the video card, and the ps (power supply). When I turn it on the fan for the cpu and the video card shows 2 green lights and also the fans of the video card are also moving. However the image of the drivers not being installed does not show up on the montior (that i have attached to the hdmi of the video card) and says that there is no signal. Please also know that i do not have the device to hear the beeps of the mb that i have seen on many trouble shoots also this is my first build
My Build:
Asrock970 extreme 3
amd fx 8 core processor black edition
asus gtx 560 direct cu oc lg gddr5
thermaltake smart series 750 w
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  1. I would highly suggest you put it all in the case and try that before trying to diagnose.

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