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I'm building a budget gaming system for friend. The target is 500$ (CAD). Right now I'm a little bit over the budget.

At first he told me I will be able to recover parts from his current computer to save money, but there is nothing good (IDE HDD, AGP Card, DDR1...)

Here is the spec :
Intel Pentium G860 3.0GHz Dual-Core 64.99$
MSI Z77A-G43 ATX LGA1155 99.99$
Corsair Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 44.58$
Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM 69.99$
Antec Three Hundred Mini Tower 49.79$
Antec High Current Gamer 520W 69.99$
LG GH24NS72 DVD/CD Writer 17.06$
Gigabyte Windforce 2X 6850HD OC 100$ (My old graphic card, I'll get a Tahiti LE 7870 to replace it)

Sub Total 516,39$
Shipping 30$
Insurance 19.54$
Taxes 35.05$
Total 601$

If I can bring down the price to 550$, I'll just let him my graphic card for 50$. Any suggestion???

He plays Starcraft II and want to run Diablo III.
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  1. Here you go. He will be much more pleased with an i5 over a Pentium. Looks like you will have to give him your GPU because he is not going to beat that price. The 6850 is better than the 7770 and that's $129. He can always upgrade the GPU to a better one when the prices drop when the next generation of cards come out.

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks

    CPU: Intel Core i5-3330 3.0GHz Quad-Core Processor ($188.81 @ DirectCanada)
    Motherboard: ASRock B75M-GL Micro ATX LGA1155 Motherboard ($49.99 @ Canada Computers)
    Memory: Corsair XMS3 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3-1600 Memory ($39.34 @ DirectCanada)
    Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive ($64.99 @ NCIX)
    Case: Cougar Volant (Black) ATX Mid Tower Case ($39.99 @ NCIX)
    Power Supply: XFX ProSeries 450W 80 PLUS Bronze Certified ATX12V / EPS12V Power Supply ($49.99 @ NCIX)
    Optical Drive: LG GH24NS72 DVD/CD Writer ($17.06 @ DirectCanada)
    Total: $450.17
    (Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)
    (Generated by PCPartPicker 2013-01-10 12:34 EST-0500)
  2. Quote:
    He will be much more pleased with an i3 over a Pentium

    First of all, thank you for the reply.

    This Pentium is a Sandy Bridge dual core, you really think there will be big difference between that and a i3? In fact I was leading toward the i3 until a looked at Tom's December Best Gaming CPU for the money and the G860 was ranked best CPU under 100$. Tom's says it is on par with a Phenom II 955 for gaming, which was my CPU in my previous computer and still a good CPU for mid gaming rig. So I think I gonna stick with the G860 for now.

    For the motherboard, don't think I want to go with that one for future upgrades, but I changed for a MSI H77MA-G43 at 84.99$.

    I switch RAM to the one you recommended, easy 5 buck.

    This power supply have mitigate reviews, so I'll keep the Antec PSU.

    20$ lower than previous build, It's going in the right direction!

    Thank you again!
  3. You can check our these SysMark benches and see how the i5 will outperform the g860. Even if you drop to an i3, the performance is still better than g860.


    What future upgrades are you worried about that you can't get on the B75? They have very similar specs other than the chipsets.

    Why go with a mini tower (without USB 3.0 support) over a cheaper Mid tower with USB 3.0 support.
  4. The Cougar Case is BO at NCIX (where I will price match and order).

    I checked the spec for the B75 vs H77 and the major difference is 1 SATA 6G instead of 2... Can live with that. I finally switched.

    For the CPU, my bad I read i3 instead of i5. It's near 50% of allowed amount.... Maybe I should consider AMD. Or Core i5-3350P which 10$ lower.
  5. SATA 6GB is only a concern if you want to install an SSD since spindle HDDs can't even utilize speeds of SATA 3GB. You have 1 SATAIII on the B75, so your good to go on SSD in the future. Sure, go for the 3350P if it is less. You gave a budget of $500 and I gave you $450, so even if you go with the Antec PSU, you are looking a $470.
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