My First Build! But it doesn't seem to work..

Hi, am having trouble with my current build; I don't know what seems to be the problem but I can't to seem to boot up my OS.

My computer restarts everytime it gets the the "Loading Windows" and returns back to the bios option page.

here is my build:
-Asus Maximus V Gene
-I5 3570K
-500w OCZ CoreXstream
-Xfx 7770
-Hyper 212 Fan
-seagate barracuda 7200.12

I connected everything right but it keeps restarting, any ideas on how to fix this problem? its my first build and I can't even get it to work.
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  1. Check all that, everything is connected correctly; I can't seem to boot up in safemode; it just keeps bring me back to the bios option.

    I also checked in the bios that the hdd drive was connected and updated the bios.

    But it still doesn't seem to get pass the loading windows screen.
  2. Man, I just had the biggest Nightmare of an install of windows 8.

    Some things to try

    -Format HDD (My main problem is, that Windows 8 did not want to install over my old windows I needed to format unfortunately)

    -Make sure you have just your main HDD Connected, Disconnecting the rest.
    (After installing, I would get stuck at Loading Windows Screen, because it would try to check my second HD for some reason, weird Quark, but Disconnecting It 1nce on boot fixed the problem)

    -Try a new Iso Img for your OS Install
    (Mabby the install is corrupt)

    -Run UBCD [Latest Version]--google it easy to find
    (This helps you Check your HD for bad sectors and such, does not have any functions for a SSD if you have that)

    -Try Repair windows Via your install method (USB/CD w/e)
    (If your using Windows 8, the repair options are just amazing, It's so nice.)
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