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Upgrade old high end system

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January 10, 2013 4:30:07 PM

Hello, I will try to post something that helps when upgrades in general come.

My particular case: I have an old system but yet powerfull (top in his days) now it is time to upgrade.


CPU: Intel Pentium 4 630, 2M Cache, 3.00 GHz, 800 MHz FSB
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA8I915P-Duo
Memory: Kingston value 2Gb ddr2 2x1Gb 400mhz
Video card: Nvidia 6600GT
Cooler: stock
SO: Windows XP 32bit

Upgraded long time ago:

Memory: Kingston value 4Gb (added 2x2Gb 400Mhz DDR2)
HD: Seagate 300Gb (SATAII)

Upgraded sometime later:

Video card: HD 6850 (dropped 6600GT)
HD: Seagate 300Gb (not in raid at the momment) SATA II
SO: Windows 7 64 bit (dropped Win XP)

Cool at that moment I could play WOW Cata new patch perfectly!!! with a 2006 build system and its 2011, so far so good, years passed need for more bandwidth, started to OC at 2011 4Q

PSU: B-Move PSU 600W (droped Stock 450W)
Cooler: Corsair H70
CPU: OC to 3,8Ghz when gamming (Skyrim , League of legends etc etc)
New added cooler for Northbridge it was about to burn, just took a small 1,5half inch fan and couple screws.

New needs, new games...

I have a capable 2006 system but it is time to upgrade MOBO, CPU and Memory.

I want upgradeable system,been looking at these:

Sabertooth Z77 ---> (x16/0 or x8/x8) --->Is dropping price so fast because of the x8/x8 and its a so good MOBO.

Asrock Extreme 9 Z77 ---> (x16/0/16/0 or x8/8/8/8 mode) ---> History of people complainning of its short life componentes but config high for the years to come.

Third option is going for smaller one:

Asrock Extreme4/GA-Z77X-D3H (both good ones but less future proof) then I can get a refurbished Sapphire 6850 and crossfire even that i know i get no benefit to crossfir right now single monitor 1920x1080.

i5 3570K ---> It just remember me so much my old processor, full of promisses and a long 6-7 years future pushing as the needs comes. There is no question about it.

Corsair Vengeance / G.Skill (RipjawsX or Sniper)1600 CL 8 2x4Gb ---> Cannot go wrong with any of em. (need advice on the Ripjaws/Sniper difference, I shall look further this)

The questions then:

Should I go futureproof long term Exterem9? (Allowing to crossfire PCI3.0 16/16)
Should i go futureproof mid term Sabertooth? (and get second 6850 / new GPU for 1Q 2014 depends on the FPS gain per coin)
Should i go instaterm and crossfire now?

Usage of PC is gaming. Only. Got a Logitech (G19 and G13, mouse and 5.1), a new 2006 DVD R/W, my HDDs function 100% Ok and I care none to raid them in future.

Budget TOP is 600$ can be more if i have to give one month more, even two, but the Skyrim, LOL takes ages to load, laggy etc etc due to CPU/Bridge bottleneck. (Mobo is a PCIE1.0) My case its pretty big it fits the H70 perfectly inside.

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January 10, 2013 4:32:17 PM

better to start from scratch since you are "upgrading" almost all the parts anyways. Then just transfer over your video card and HD
January 10, 2013 4:35:43 PM

+1 Azn Cracker,

January 10, 2013 4:39:58 PM

Ok, you are right. Lets say its a new equip tranfering Video and HDD, what should you chose to go. about the motherboard something lower futureproof and a 2nd video card
Or a higher one MOBO, if so, a very high one for a 6850 seems pretty odd... and the other seems less futureproof.

Thanks for reply.