Will q9300 bottleneck hd7850 2gb


I intend to buy hd7850 2gb not OC edition but i need to know if my cpu or any other component will bottleneck that card or not?

I will be playing at 1680x 1050, mostly shogun2, AC3, f1 2012, Diablo 3

I'd like to be everything maxed out except AA. AA isn't so important to me

My current specs. are: Asus p5e3 deluxe
Q9300 @ 2.5
Saphire hd 4870 512mb
LC Power 550w green power
Corsair dominator 3gb 1600 mhz

Thanks in advance and take care:)
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  1. yea your cpu will bottleneck the card, to get around bottleneck have fraps running to see your fps..play your favorite game in one area...remember the fps..then go to graphics options and increase the settings such as texture detail, shadows and apply..note how much your fps dropped. if no fps drop then the gpu is being bottlenecked and you can increase the settings until you see frames drop
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