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Hello everyone, well tax return time is coming around the corner and I am upgrading my dirt cheap build that I made out of desperation when I was forced to sell my gaming rig when I fell on hard times. My current specs are as follows
AMD A6-3500
1 stick of kingston hyperx 4gb ddr3 1.65v(other stick died)
msi a55-p35 matx mobo
evga 9800gtx+(From an old of a friend. On the end of it's life)
FSP ax500 (really old yet reliable, looking to upgrade this as well.)
Seagate 250gb hdd
and a really old 15" dell 1024x768(gaming is just fantastic when you have to sit an inch from the screen =[)

I am usually one to give advice but I always love input from other members
I'm looking around the $350 range (including monitor.)

This is what I have so far any advice is greatly appreciated.
Zalman 23" monitor
HIS 7850
corsair cx430
Geil 8gb ddr3

Like I said any suggestions are greatly appreciated and welcome.
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