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Hello all just a quick question here. I know a 7970 is capable of running 3 monitors in eyefinity on its own. Does it have the connections available to connect a large HDTV also? I plan to wallmount this above my desk and monitors.

Regards, Kieran
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  1. Including Displayport connections, the 7970s can use up to six displays natively. Three can be used with only HDMI/DVI-D (sometimes four, but most cards can only use three) and the other three can use Displayport.

    So, you should be able to use up to three HDMI/DVI-D displays and one or more other displays using Displayport slots. You can use active DisplayPort/MiniDisplayPort to HDMI or DVI-D adapters for the DisplayPort slots.
  2. As far as I am aware, only 2 of your connections can come from HDMI/DVI ... the other two must be displayport.

    For example:

    DVI -> Monitor
    HDMI -> TV
    Mini-Displayport _> Active Adapter -> Monitor
    Mini-Displayport _> Active Adapter -> Monitor

    Or remove one/both of those adapters if your monitor(s) support(s) displayport.
  3. You're right... My bad, it's usually two HDMI/DVI-D slots that can be used with some cards being able to use three and the rest must use VGA and/or DisplayPort. I wasn't thinking strait :(
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