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Best video card for 1366x728 resolution.

I was looking on getting a new card for my PC this December, but a friend of mine from the US will send me one as a Christmas gift, now I've decided to used the money that I saved up to buy a new video card for my younger brother's birthday.

I was just wondering what's the best video card for 1366x728 resolution? I don't wanna waste money buying a videocard that would murder (overkill to be exact). Im looking for something that can run Battlefield 3 at atleast 40-50fps in Ultra High Settings @ 1366x728 resolution.

Again, I understand that in terms of being the "best" it would be something like a GTX 690 or an HD 7970. But I am not looking for an overkill video card.

By the way here are his PC's specs:

Intel i3-2100
Kingston DDR3 2x2gb
FSP Raider 550w
ASUS p8H61
9400 GT (which i am planning on upgrading as a gift to him)

Any suggestions would be highly apprciated. Thanks :D
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  1. GTX 660 or AMD 7870 (might be a bit overkill at that res) would be good, if you want to spend $220-230 you could get away with less if that is to much $$. Could you give us a price range you are looking at?

    I wouldn't go any lower than a 7850( $170) or gtx 650 ti ($140).
  2. yeah, 650 ti or 7850 are your best options,
    650 is a little bit cheaper, an would handle 720p perfectly, so there u go,
    cheapest card for 720p with ultra settings!!
  3. I was actually looking at the 650 Ti as well, what's the max resolution that a 650 Ti could handle such games at Ultra High Settings? (without going below 30FPS)
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    the review of that card gives BF3 with 32FPS avg. at 1080p ultra.
    remember that not all games are GPU demanding, and drivers keep making ur gpu better all the time!
    it can handle 1080p in most games, but if u go lower to 1050 or 900p, that card is a really good card.
    and at 720p i dont think it falls below 50FPS!!
    also 1080p is twice as more pixels as 720p.
    Bottm line: Dont worry at 720p no issues. u can even push it to 1080p and dont worry the card wont perform poorly at 1080p it will deliver decent framerates, then too.
  5. might as well investment some memory upgrade on that computer also, 4x2 gb stick will make that ASUS p8H61 smile :D, just my 2 cents
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  7. The 7850 would also get my vote.
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