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Need help regarding playing via PC HDMI to HDMI on my TV

I was just wondering, just the other day I decided to buy an HDMI-HDMI cable and plugged my PC (through my video card's HDMI port) to my TV's HDMI port. Sure enough, it worked, but the problem is I can't play at 1080p which my TV supports, instead i still get my computer's native resolution.. Is this a problem with my video card? Or should I use a DVI to HDMI cable instead?
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  1. all you need to do is adjust the resolution of the secondary display (the tv).

    make sure the hdmi cable is connected
    right click on an open portion of the screen and select "screen resolution"
    click on the tv icon and adujst the resolution to the highest settings and click apply.

    if this is unclear
  2. Is this a laptop or desktop? Do you have a monitor and the tv plugged in and active at the same time?

    You can try the vga or dvi. Or you might even have to try another video driver. The driver reads the TV to figure out its native resolution and timings. Some times it reads them incorrectly and will not display the correct resolution.
  3. It's a Desktop PC sir..
  4. If you have a monitor and a tv the video driver normally starts off cloning the monitor, this forces the tv to run at the resolution as the monitor. If the monitor is lower than the TV then the TV has to scale down. You can right click on the desktop and hit resolution. From here you can select "extend These Displays" under multiple displays. This will allow you to run the monitor and tv at different settings and resolutions.

    If the TV is the only monitor and you right click on the desktop and hit screen resoluiton and you dont see 1920x1080 as an option its because the video driver is not reading your TV correctly. You can try the steps I suggested above.
    Another idea is to go to the TV brand website and see if there is a driver. Some high end TVs like sony will have drivers that can help with issues like this. Many of the less expensive brands like visio or sceptre will not have drivers.
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    The type of video card in the computer also impacts how the computer works with tvs. Is the video card nvidia, amd, or intel?
  6. AFAIK, it only has Intel Integrated gpu :P

    thanks for the help sir buck, i got it to worked now.. I only upgraded the drivers on my laptop. Anyway thanks again :D
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