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My computer:
I run Win98SE and I have an Asus motherboard (CUBX) and 398mb ram
I have 2 harddisks
Primary master: Seagate 10 GB
Primary slave: Maxtor 80 GB 7200 rpm D740X

I have a problem with my computer and I think it's my hd but I am not sure, it all started 1 jan. when my computer started to restart whenever it was working, so I formatted but the problem was still there. It happens when I try to copy large amount of data( 100mb> ) sometimes I get a bluescreen error saying something about the FAT, but most of the time the comp just restart. I have tried to remove my cdrom drive and cd-writer but it is still there and I have tried to format again but it keeps restarting. It's kinda strange because I have no problem copying large amounts of data if I restart in dos, it only does it in windows. So I think it's a problem with the software or drivers. I have also tried to remove my maxtor HD but the problem is still there.

I really hope someone can help me out with this and I believe I have tried about anything but I can't find the problem.
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  1. Actually try with only the Maxtor and as master.
    Do a fdisk before you format this time.
    Was thinking of temp shutting down your pc but it only reboots and in dos you say it`s ok.


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  2. Does anyone else have any ideas ? I still haven't solved the problem :(
  3. take EVERYTHING out except for the drive you think is messed up.
    if it still does it, run maxblast diagnostics on the drive to see if the drive is faulty.
    if it is, then contact maxtor, and get a replacement.
    also, check all of your fans, and make sure that they arent causing the restart.
    that has happened to me before...a short in a fan was making the computer restart randomly, or when there was a huge drain on the, doing anything intensive, like play games, or anything else that uses the hard drive, the cdrom, and the cpu at the same time


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  4. this might be a stupid question but ths maxblast program does it work with all harddrives or only maxtor/quantum harddrives
  5. It's only suppose to work with Maxtor/Quantum hard drives. I have had it work with a Western Digital before, but that was one of the really old versions of the software about three years ago.
  6. is generally suggested to get the diagnostic program for the hard drive that you have...
    i had a post in a thread a while ago where i put links to EVERY hard drive manufacturer's diagnostic software. cant remember which one it was in, but there is one..and all you have to do is find which hard drive you have, click the link, and bam, download the software!
    they are all pretty close in the features and interface, but they have different calibrations for the drives.


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