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Question about new graphics card!

Hi! i', looking to pick up a new graphics card. I am currently running

and the one i have been looking at is the

would this be a good card to go with or not? I mainly just game, playing any type of game you can think of so i want something to perform well, and look great with no frame rate issues or hickups. Give me any suggestions you have and tell me if this would be a good choice for a card to go with or not.

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  1. the 2 links are the same. and what your budget?
  2. sorry about that, try this one and im looking between $200-$300
  3. Your CPU can feed that card? What are the rest of your specs?
  4. im running 16gb ddr3 ram. amd fx 6 core processor, 750w power supply
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  6. At that budget I second the 7950, if you have $300 spend it all and you'll be set for a long while yet. Next gen consoles are not even coming until the end of next year at least and only a few games can push a 7950 much.
  7. gtx 660 about the same price but beat the 7850 most of the time. or close to $300 for a gtx 660 ti.
  8. sweet thanks. the 7950 looks pretty nice
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