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Recently I've bought new laptop Lenovo Y580 and I'm struggling with Autocad 2013 configuration. It has two GPUs: Intel Graphics HD 4000 and nVidia GTX 660M (driver By default the system assigns GPUs automatically to the applications - in this case it was Intel Graphics HD 4000. When I change the graphic card to be used with acad to nVidia and run acad, I get following error:


It works with the Intel GPU. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit version), I've tried Autocad 64bit 2013 and Autocal Civil 3D 64 bit and it happened in both cases. I think the problem might be that acad during instalation sets up for Intel GPU and it doesn't looks like it can be changed afterwards. Could anyone advise me how to run it with nVidia?

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  1. have you gone to lenovos website and NVIDIAS the check for drivers ? also how are you liking the laptop i might get one
  2. autocad will run better once you get your card working with it... but it will not run that fantastically. For that you need a system built on server CPUs and Quadro type graphics cards.
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