Rate my build!

Parts I have:

Diamond 7850pe52gv2

FX 8320

ASRock 970 extreme 4

Corsair vengeance 1x8 1600mhz

Parts to decide on:

Case: Probably Zalman Z11

HDD: Saw a nice seagate 500, but hgst while hit or miss offers a 1tb for ~ the same price

PSU: Decided on antec basiq vp450, plenty of connectors and though not listed it is an 80+ (due to lack of PFC.) Any objections?

CD/DVD RW (Granted it shouldn't be difficult to scrounge one)

I've got ~ $170 - 180 to spend on the rest And mind you I intend to shop entirely at the local MC Dallas Metroplex/Richardson.

I can't promise that there won't be OC'ing on the gpu or the cpu but within the limitations of a smaller PSU.
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    i'd recommend at least 500W psu.
    as your hdd will be only drive in the system make sure it's 7200 rpm and at least 32MB cache, preferably 64.
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