Will these specs be good for a gaming pc??

Ok I'm building a new machine and want to know if what I've got will be good with no bottle necking and running most modern and future game. This system is more than just a gaming machine, but I've never had a gamig pc so I don't know if these specs will ultra everything.

X79 chip
Asus rampage IV extreme
Ax850 corsair power supply
Dual evga gtx680 super clocked
32 gb dominator platinum ram
Corsair 480 gb ssd

I'm running windows 8 pro 64

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  1. If price is not of concern, than everything is great! With those parts, you will definitely be able to play anything for a long time at pretty much any resolution IMO.
  2. id fill this out and people will be able to give you better advice.

  3. Yeah price isn't really a concern, so I want something to last a while.
  4. One of my main concerns is the gtx 680s I got are the 2gb versions and I'm wondering now if I should have got the 4 gb versions. I've been reading some games can already go over that and some games coming out could require that.
  5. It really depends on your resolution. I'm no expert, but I don't think you need more than 2gb unless you are using a 1440p+ resolution. 2gb cards still perform well at that resolution though.
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