buying a new gaming Comp.

(AZZA 203 Armour Chassis, Red)
Motherboard & Processor
(Intel Core i5-3570K (4 x 3.40GHz) Processor, BYO Bundle)
Operating System
(Microsoft Windows 8 64-Bit OEM)
(4 x 2GB = 8GB DDR3-1333 Gaming Grade Memory Module)
Hard Drive
(500GB 7200RPM Hard Disk Drive)
Graphics Card
(AMD Radeon HD 7870 2GB GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 Graphics Card)
Optical Drive
(24X DVD+/-RW DL Optical Drive)
** this is a walmart "build your computer bundle" the price ended up being $890 before taxes and shipping. i chunked and checked each piece and it came out to around the same price. should i go with this computer bundle? i will be using it for strict gaming ultra settings and is in my budget range.

i was going to build my own but i don't have the money to simply buy each part individually so im paying monthly on it. and also i don't wanna buy incompatible parts and all the stuff

budget is around 800-1000
if you can find a place where i can buy all my parts at once and pay monthly while saving money then please tell me.
**also if you know a better value/performance pre-built computer then send me the link...
please and thank you in advance
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  1. I would save up if I were you. Not many places are going to let you have a loan. I think this is a lower priority if you can't pay for a $900 pc up front.
  2. i can i just dont want to haha. scratch the pay monthly thing. is this a good buy ? or can i buy a better one? or would you advice to buy each part on newegg or something and build it myself
  3. You said $890? This isn't a good buy if it is that price. You could get the same thing off newegg for about $750-800. PLUS it's from Walmart, and for some reason I don't trust it. They don't have any specifics on a lot of components listed.
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