Advice on upgrading video card for Intel E6600 2.4GHz Dual core

I currently have a desktop with a Nvidia 7600GT (swapped for 8600 when 8600 died) with an Intel E6600 processor and 3GB of DDR3 ram. I was considering getting an Nvidia 560 Ti until I realized it will probably bottleneck. What video card (either ATi or Nvidia is fine) would someone recommend in a price range of $150 or less? I have 1 PciE x16 slot so it doesn't matter if it's PciE or PciE 2.0. I'd like to get something this holiday season (to tide me over until I get my new computer next year) so if you guys know any deals that are available in Canada that would be great. Thanks.
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  1. a GTX 650 ti would be perfect.
    but if u r going to upgrade next year why not get a really good one for around 200$?
  2. Wouldn't it bottleneck though? I don't want to spend too much because I will be building a new computer next year.
  3. what resolution do u play in?? and wat games do u play?? is 30fps acceptable to u??
  4. I would prefer 40-50 fps but will it bottleneck at all? Would I be better off buying something like a 9800
  5. You could get the 7770 ghz edition, for about ~100$.

    And will be better than the 9800gt.
  6. lawlsmagawls said:
    I would prefer 40-50 fps but will it bottleneck at all? Would I be better off buying something like a 9800

    let me tell u something:

    if u replace an i5 with an i7 and an i7 with an i7 extreme exdition overclocked.
    u will get higher FPS with each replacement, it wont be huge, but it WILL be there.
    Thats what u consider a bottleneck right??
    so if an i5(considered as best gaming processors today) can be a bottleneck, your processor will be too.

    If u want a simple understanding, think of it this way, your FPS in games like an average between you CPU and GPU
    with in most games GPU being a LOT more important than CPU.

    So...... yes your processor will be a bottleneck too, but to the point that it will stop u from enjoying gaming??

    and lets say u get a 650 ti and after 2-3 years u have to lower the setting a little bit. Is it really THAT bad??

    and also.....dont u dare buy a 9800 !!!
    go with 650 ti its the best 150 sub card at this time.
  7. Ok thanks for your help.
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