Just finished my first build. Couple questions

So I finally finished my first build, everything fit and nothing broke so I'm pretty stoked. My specs are intel i5 3570k, asrock z77 pro4, corsair vengeance 8gb, msi 7870 hawk, wd black 1tb, and 600 w corsair cx. It turns out that the old dvd drive I have uses IDE socket which my mobo doesn't support so I'm still waiting on a sata optical drive to install windows with.

The question I have is that when I turn my pc on I don't get a bios flash.. It goes straight to the " reboot and select proper boot device." Is there any reason why I'm not seeing the asrock logo flash? If I spam del key on boot up I do get into the bios but the mouse isn't steady and it's kinda laggy. Is this normal or is there a reason for this? Thanks
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    well for starters heres where you could have improved in your build

    -the 660s are cheaper than any 7870 right now by 20 bucks. should have went that route instead but even if you were to get a 7870, xfx makes a cheaper model that will perform in the same neighborhood
    -the caviar black is a blue drive with more warranty. i wouldnt pay that 30 bucks but ok
    -the cx series are sub par if you compare to seasonic units like the xfx 550w

    yeah you would have to mash the delete key to get into the bios. asrock boards post fast compared to others. im pretty sure there is a option within the bios to make the splash screen longer

    from what i experience, my deathadder goes way down in dpi when i enter the bios so i would assume its normal.
  2. Mash that "Del" key a bunch of times while it's booting and see if you can get into BIOS
  3. Thanks for the reply I just got worried when I didn't see a logo flash so I'm glad this is normal. My build is perfect for me and it is already built so I don't want to hear about "improvements". I bought most of these parts on sale over a period of time so I spent a lot less than what the current prices are. I prefer msi over xfx and just happened to get a good deal on the hawk (which is a badass card idc what you say :D ).
  4. zdbc13 said:
    Mash that "Del" key a bunch of times while it's booting and see if you can get into BIOS

    Read my whole post, I mention that I do that and do get into bios with one beep. I just got a little worried when I didn't see a logo flash
  5. yes the hawk is badass cool but id get my moneys worth if both things perform the same in the end
  6. Oh, yeah, missed that part. Glad it's working and good luck....
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