GTX 660 ti VS 1920x1080 monitor

I've recently spied this beautiful 27 inch (68.58 cm) 1920x1080 monitor made by Samsung at the local Best Buy. Its got 2 megahertz refresh rate, HDMI, DVI-D, DVI-I, basically all the connector ports I could want to plug into this thing.

My questions are: can my "EVGA GTX 660 ti SC 3gb" GPU handle this monitor? If yes, how many more can it handle? If just the one, would a lesser monitor work as an extra or would that be too much of a strain?

For reference, my rig.

~i7 2700K
~ASROCK Z77 extreme 4
~EVGA GTX 660 ti SC 3gb
~I've got both HDMI & DVI-D/I cables as needed.
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  1. I believe the GTX 660 TI kicks ass (in a positive way) when it comes to 1920x1080 gaming with a single monitor.

    Take a look at this:,3283-11.html
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