Some strange things going on.

Good evening folks :).

I'm currently an Alienware owner it was given to me by someone as a temporary replacement while I gather the money to build a new rig. One of the issues I've been having is a really odd performance issue with the GTX470. This is not an OEM and before 2x ATi 5770s where inside this overpriced junk, but anyway I've noticed something that could cause interference. SIW reports that there is an ATI graphics video Adapter and I believe this is because of the OEM windows 7.

So I thought that if I was to go into System32 and try find this file, I could perhaps remove it from the system, but I can't find any files that shows as being what this is in the screencapture.

How do I get this removed so that only the NVIDIA is showing?

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  1. Easiest way is to put the HD 5770 in the computer again, then delete all related drivers, and uninstall all AMD, ATI, or Catalyst, or vision content and drivers, then reboot with the Nvidia card back in.
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