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Hello, as the title says, I need help choosing a graphics card. I haven't upgraded for 4 years and I am struggling to play PlanetSide 2 now, so I figure it is time. My goal is to be able to play current games on near max settings and not rebuild for another 4 years.

This is what I have chosen component wise so far:

MB: ASRock Z77

CPU: Core i5 Ivy Bridge 3.4ghz

Memory: G.Skill Ripjaw Series DDR3 1600 -8gb

HD: WD 1tb 7200rpm 6gb sata 64mb cache

Case: Antec Nine Hundred

I will be reusing my PSU which I had to replace a year ago (I made sure to buy one that would meet my future needs)

PSU: Corsair TX Series 750W ATX 12V

So the problem I am having is I cannot decide on a video card. I have always had NVidia cards, but from everything that I have read, Radeon has taken the lead lately, offering less expensive, more powerful GPUs.

I have never been an overclocker, but I am comfortable tweeking the mem and core clocks, but not necessarily the voltage.

I always build my own PCs, but my skills are pretty much limited to installing all components, installing windows/drivers - I am no expert.

The GPUs Im considering and my thoughts on each:

HD 7950 - Most bang for the buck. More future proof, more expensive than 7870 and may be overkill for 1080p gaming. Concerned there is not a single "best card" to purchase - seems like all brands have a draw back and potential pitfall.

660 Ti - slower than an OC'ed 7950, may be hampered by 192 bit, has Physx which Planetside 2 will use someday, personally more comfortable with NVidia

HD 7870: least expensive, would meet my current needs most likely, not as future proof as 7950.

670 ti : will it ever come out?

Prob want to pay in the 300 dollar range for the GPU. Will be upgrading in January.

I should mention also that I am using a 1080p monitor that I dont plan on upgrading.


So, I would really appreciate some help, I have been driving myself crazy with google searches and reading forums here and other sites. I am leaning towards the 7950, but concerned that there is no clear "best card."

Thanks in advance, let me know what you guys think. Also, if anyone sees anything wrong, or have any suggestions on any alternatives to the above mentioned components, that is welcomed also.

p.s. I am upgrading from a Core 2 Duo E8500 3.2ghz OCe'd to 3.8, 4gb ddr 2 6400, NVidia 260gtx
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  1. You get 3 free games with hd 7950 does that help vs 1 for 660ti, does that help? ;B

    I would go with Radeon hd 7950 purely because all the next gen consoles went AMD. There are going to be alot of AMD-optimized games out there.

    But really, all three are so close in performance you might as well go with the cheapest one in there, HD 7870.

    Oh yea, AMD usually has killer OC. I remeber a whole thread on OCIng their hd 7850, some as high as 50%, which is i believe is faster than GTX 580/660 ti/HD 7870/7950 performance. HD 7870 is only gonna do better.
  2. Comparing 660 Ti with 7950

    Well you would be better with 7950 at this price range.

    This one is 280 $ right now .

    Benchmarks and info about 7950

    So to sum it up , my vote goes to 7950 . Its the best you can get with that price range !
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