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question i have 2 video cards im trying to see which one is better the first one is

Vapor X HD 4870 1 GB GDDR5

the second one is

sapphire hd 6670 2 gb ddr3

i bought both one for me and one for my bother im just trying to figure out which one is better. gddr and ddr ???? im lost thanks in advance
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  1. I believe the 4870 is the faster one. In addition its GDDR5 memory makes it faster as well apart from the architecture. However it is not the most efficient GPU there is. IMHO the HD 4870 runs pretty hot and loud.

    Also believe DDR and GGDR are pretty much the same thing when it comes to video cards. Now the difference is GDDR5/GDDR3. Also kind of a waste of money to get a 2gb HD 6670 on a weak card.

    Edit: Read this
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