Intel HD Graphics 4000 vs ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650


I recently bought a new laptop to replace my old one. The old one was running WoW decently, but I was getting some major fps drops in 25m at times and the GPU was getting very warm. The old one was: Packard Bell TJ 75 with i3, 4GB Ram and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650.
I bought a new one to replace this 2 years old computer, the new one is a Acer Aspire V3-571 with i5, 6GB RAM and Intel HD Graphics 4000. To my surprise, I was actually getting lower fps on my new computer than the old one. The graphics in itself is a bit better and it's not getting warm at all during game sessions, but even though I'm running on the exact same settings on both computers, I get lower fps on the new one. Considering many say that WoW is a more CPU than GPU based game, I would expect my new computer to perform a lot better than the old one.

I've tried scanning my computer for driver updates from the Intel website, but it says that the driver is manufacturer specific or something, and that I would need to contact my manufacturer to find the driver. Do you believe that it could have something to do with my drivers? Or possibly some settings with the Intel graphics card?
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  1. Dedicated graphics cards are almost always better than integrated (yes even the HD 4000 graphics which are pretty sweet). Even if it has better specs, it is still slowed by the shared memory. It will run cooler, but a little less performance.
  2. While the Intel HD 4000 is pretty good (well, at least for Intel), it cannot compete with dedicated graphic cards (well, the exception would be the nVidia GT 610m). Even though the Radeon HD 5650 is an older design, it is still a dedicated card so it performs better than the Intel HD 4000.

    If you are looking strictly for an integrate graphic core to keep the cost down, then look at laptops with AMD's A10-4600m APU. Right now the Radeon HD 7660g is the best performing integrated graphic core you can get.

    In terms of desktop graphic card performance, the Intel HD 4000 would be equivalent to a Radeon HD 5550 while the Radeon HD 7660g would be equivalent to the Radeon HD 5570. Not sure how the Radeon HD 5650m ranks, but it seems to be faster than a desktop Radeon HD 5550.
  3. The 5650m is more powerful than the hd 4000 and really close to the 7660g.

    Here's a hierarchy, it's 6 tiers above it.,3107-7.html

    According to the chart the hd 4000 is 2 tiers below the desktop 5550 (ddr2) not equivalent.

    Here's notebookcheck's hierarchy since it shows all mobile gpus and while you can turn on desktop gpus it doesn't have many. Tom's hierarchy is the opposite with all desktop gpus but missing some mobile gpus.
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