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My electronics department began featuring a Vizio TV with "Theater 3D" glasses. This is a 'passive 3D' method.

My question is: Will such a TV just render the image in 3D and then I just put glasses on? I was trying to see if that's all there is to it.

The active 3D glasses and special software seems to have a lot of limitations.

If the TV itself just creates the 3D image from my graphics output, then I put on the 3d glasses, does it work?

My primary interest is PC gaming - Battlefield 3, and dozens of other titles such as Diablo, Supreme Commander, etc, etc. I use high-end AMD Radeon cards.

If this wouldn't work, can you explain why?


Doug Rochford
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  1. Some TV's support the 2D to 3D conversion but that's not what you want

    To use a passive 3D tv on a AMD card your still going to need to use a 3rd party software like Tridef or IZ3D to actually drive the 3d output
    And have the TV connected idealy by HDMI
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