GPU fan making a buzzing sound, please help!

Hello everyone. Let me just say that I am new here and i apologize if i posted incorrectly. I am having some problems with my Radeon 7770. Every time I play a video game or the GPU really has to do any work, the fan emits this annoying high-pitched buzzing noise. It is moderately loud and is at the right frequency to give you a headache. I really haven't touched it or messed with it since i got it in August. I am a little bit scared to take out the graphics card and mess with the fan, as I have never really taken parts from a computer and I am not too tech savvy. This has been happening for a few weeks and it is very annoying!

Someone please help! I don't know what to do!!!
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  1. Man up and open the PC case slide. Check if there are any cables in the way of your 7770 fans.
  2. No need to take out parts. just open the case of your PC and look if there is something in the way of the HD 7770
  3. I have opened the case up (and there is a see-through panel on the side of the case) and there is nothing blocking the card.
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