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Hey. ive been playing on consoles all my life and seen how much better the graphics are on pc so im making the switch but im a complete noob when it comes to picking the parts to build a pc. like for example can any cpu go with any mobo
and can any graphics card go with any mobo ive been watching a tun of youtube videos but none of them seem to say how to pick parts... they just pickem/ unless everything is compatible.. now what really got me in to wanting to build a pc was how cool the cases were and how you can keep updating your hardware instead of waiting 10 years for the next console. i like how there is a window on some pc cases so you can see all your work youve put into it. the only thing i do know is the standard mobo is atx other then that im a noob so i have a budget of 300$ for all the part except the case and the monitor can i build a pc that i can upgrade later down the line (future proof) you guys call any way..

what parts do i need to make my pc build future proof
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  1. im just basically asking how do i make my pc future proof
  2. some1 help
  3. Simple answer no such thing as future proof.
  4. good answer lol when they say future proof are they refering to the mobo
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    you are going to need more then $300. you can look through this article and see what $500 would get you.,3364.html
  6. thanks mann
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  8. just what i wanted thanks
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