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I'm hoping this is the right place to post this, but I'm looking to buy a new monitor (nothing incredibly fancy, 1080/led, 20"+, etc) and was wondering if anyone has ever used the one linked below, or if there is better in that price range (<$200). Right now on Newegg with the promo/price cut/rebate it comes out to like 120 which SEEMS like a great deal. Any input will be greatly appreciated!
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    Also looking at these two. I'm not absolutely set on an Asus, just looking for the best I can get under $200.

    Samsung with pretty great reviews, but worth ~$50 more than the Asus?

    Really want to get this before CM ends, any help?
  3. Well, maybe not. Looking into the reviews, the screen doesn't go to the bezel, so there is still some gap between displays. So that sucks. I don't see anything that sets the Samsung apart from the Asus screens, I would say go with ASUS VS Series, make sure you add the promo code
  4. With the code both are $140, a great deal.


    First is the 247 model, other is the 248. Not sure the difference between the two just looking at the specs? 247 is actually $120 after rebate, 248 $140.

    Thanks, btw.
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    ASUS VS Series VS247H-P, specs are nearly the same, other than the brightness. The 247 is a little brighter. 300 cd/m2 vs 250 cd/m2
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