Which 660ti should I get?

I have been looking at a new graphics card for awhile, I had originally settled on this one

But now im looking at this one

Gigabyte is considerably cheaper and does have a slightly higher clock speed then the msi one.

I am not planning to overclock I have no experience nor desire to at this time and probably wont anytime soon, the biggest thing im worried about is whether gigabyte can keep the card as cool as the msi one.

The gigabyte one is the cheapest 660 ti i can get right now, msi being the next cheapest. Overall which is the better choice, both in overall stock performance and cooling since i dont plan to overclock at all
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    Well if it is bettwen those 2 i would go with the gigabyte one.

    Gigabyte should be cooler according to reviews so get it. And even quieter.

    It wont let you down !
  2. Im happy with my MSI GTX660Ti PE. Im using a mild OC (from 1019mhz to 1095mhz) and im not having any temp issues. Done both 3dmark and Furmark tests and i have never seen it go past 72degrees. It's not noisy at all (exept for the first 10sec after turning your computer on since it turns the fans to 100% in reverse to blow out dust) but it's not really noisy then either.

    I have no experience with the Gigabyte card though so i can't tell you what to buy but, i don't regret my purchase.
  3. Gigabyte! :)
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