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i have 128mb of pc2100 on a soltek 75drv2 with xp 1600, bus speed is 133mhz, cas latency 2. running the sisoft sandra memory benchmarks i cant match the figures of between 800 and 900 that tom's reviews benchmarks have. i get a maximium of 710/710 for integer mmx/floating point sse. the cpu and multimedia benchmarks are upto par though. what is the problem with my memory configuration? the soltek should give a performance similar to the epox with kt266a used for the reviews.
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  1. when u run your test in FIELD window under TEST STATISTICS-ARRAY MEMORY USED what do u have 128MB...????
  2. Can you set the memory timins in the BIOS to something like: 'normal','fast','turbo','ultra'. If so try a faster setting.

    My case has so many fans that it hovers above the ground :eek: .
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