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Ok my question is about eyefinity, a certain gpu, and screen resloution. First question If i get 3 monitors that are 1600x900 and hook them up with my single gpu(sapphire radeon 7950) will it increase my fps on my pc i also have a six core unlocked amd processor. Next question, how good is the sapphire radeon 7950 i see good reviews on it and i have the overclocked edition and it cost alot but to see that that i can only get like 55 fps in bf3 on ultra dissapoints me i guess the review i was watching wasnt the overclocked edition of the radeon but i want another point of view. Last question is there a way to hook up three monitors possibly 1080p but if not they will be 1600x900 and if they are 1600x900 will it be really good resoloution like will it be worth it? and very last question haha sorry! But is there a way to hook up three monitors on the 7950 and play on one or two screens and leave the one or two screens still on the desktop for like lets says watchign a youtube vid while playing? I know its alot of questions but i really need your help.
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  1. If you add more monitors, your FPS will decrease. Also, which specific AMD cpu do you have? I play on 1 screen and just chat on the other.
  2. your FPS will decrease for sure, but still its playable.
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