GFX for this HP p2-1394?

Hello guys! Got a question for ya all!

My friend just picked up the HP p2-1394 from best buy.

link provided:

could you provide me with a $100~$200 gfx card for this model? Also a good $200~$300 card, and if it allows for a high end card (such as the 7970).

I am looking for possible upgrades for him, so anything that doesnt need the switching out of the current hardware (ram/power supply/cooling/etc).

Thanks before hand! :)
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  1. amd radeon 7750 is the best you could get to work with that pc. it costs about $100.
    pretty good card for the price.
  2. hey did you manage to upgrade it? i was told couldn't upgrade the graphics card in that model i bought it also and was upset to find that out
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