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So these last few days, specifically since friday 11 AM to about monday 10 AM I've been working on a piece of *** setup. I finally got tired of it and just bought a brand new computer. Gateway dx4870, intel i5 3350 processor. Everything works fine, not a fan of Windows 8 but whatever. However there is one thing that is causing me trouble. When I plug my GPU (430 GeForce GT) in, nothing comes up on my monitor. Windows boots fine I can hear it load but nothing shows. I changed the VGA Adapter to a brand new one, that didn't help. I put in my Antec 460 Watt PSU (I would have done it anyways) and that didn't help. I'm no expert so please, grill me all you want. Just help me get this fixed! I've been through enough in the past few days! Any help is appreciated.
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  1. As your saying the PC works with the card installed, so the first thing I would say to do, is see if you can plug it into a friends computer or an extra PC you have in the house and see if it works. Also make sure that your installing it correctly.
  2. It was working yesterday when I had it in an old computer so I'm assuming it still works today... I have no spare computers laying around. I did have it installed correctly I made sure of that.
  3. Just tried it again - When I have the card in, and the VGA adapter and all plugged in, the screen gets to Analog and stays on, but it is black. It is a brighter black though. When I take the VGA adapter and all out, it is just a dark black and switches between analog and the other monitor modes
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