660 gtx ti and benq xl2420t HDMI

This is my first build and everything has gone smoothly except I can't get the HDMI to work/connect? When I coonect the HDMI cable the screen goes blank; I cant see or do anything. The DVI works just fine.

Any solutions or advice would be appreciated. Also, is there a big difference between DIV and HDMI? Games, movies, etc.

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  1. It is possible you have to change the input from DVI to HDMI in the monitor settings (on the monitor, not from Windows).

    That said, you will want to use a dual link DVI-D cable with that monitor. HDMI is not capable of giving you 120hz on that monitor or any other currently being made that I'm aware of. HDMI limits you to 60hz at 1080p. The only advantage to HDMI is it delivers sound and video, if the monitor has speakers on it.
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