Installed Sapphire radeon HD 7850, but now my sound is muffled.

I installed a Sapphire radeon HD 7850, but now my sound is muffled.
Everything is muffled, my system sounds, youtube, games, everything...


PSU: 700W
GPU: Sapphire radeon HD 7850
CPU: Intel i5-2400 3.10 GHz

Windows 7
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  1. First question I have are you using a DP or HDMI output form the card?

    Have you correctly installed the right driver?
  2. Tbh, I am a big noob when it comes to hardware I installed the drivers with the disc that the card came with and I have been hearing about how the sound is trying to get the audio from the HDMI and i have to set it back to default but i have no idea how.
  3. ok well first thing I would try is to go to:
    control panel\sound\playback and then make your default not your 7850 if it is.

    Another great idea would be to open the driver then go to information the in the drop down box software update and check for updates. I think that the original version of the driver had issues like this.

    If that doesn't work see if you can use a dvi connector from the card to your monitor
  4. I updated the drivers and made sure it was on my speakers and still have the problem, I've also reinstalled the drivers. Do you think this can be a sound card issue?
  5. If you are using a sound card I think this could make senses now.

    I think that the card may not be seated correctly after you put in the graphics card. The other possibility is the mother board pci-e controller is dying but I would hope not.

    So yeah reseat it or try another slot.
  6. I solution was i needed a new sound card.
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