Problem with GTX 550 ti

I just got a new graphic card and power supply today, having no experience with this I have my buddy come over to help me install them. He does I turn everything on and it's good. I leave the driver software installing while I go eat dinner and when I get back it asks me to restart, I do and then my monitors won't turn on.

All I get is a flashing black screen like the monitor is switching from sleep to on constantly. Put in the old card which is a Radeon HD 7450 And computer works no problem so it's not the power supply or anything else.
It was working before I installed drivers, what is the problem now?
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  1. You need to uninstall your previous graphics card drivers. I'm almost 100% sure this is causing your problem.

    I would do a driver sweep of all of your previous graphics cards...
  2. Ok, I put my old card back in and uninstalled all the video drivers.
    Now the screen won't even flash when I put the new one in. It's just black.
  3. Plus now when I plug in my old one keyboard and mouse don't work. =/
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