New i5 based PC

First of all hello to all of you. I've been following this forum for a while now, but wasn't that active ...

I currently have:

DualCore D925 3 GHz (6 years old)
Sapphire HD3870 (that died on me -- the reason I'm buying a new PC :) )
Fortron HEXA500 PSU

I've been putting a new system for a few days now and this is what I'm probably going with:

MB: ASUS P8H77-M LE Intel H77 1155 or ASUS P8H77-M Intel H77 1155
CPU: INTEL Core i5-3550 3.30GHz
GPU: SAPPHIRE ATI HD7770 Vapor X 1GB DDR5 OC edition
RAM: Kingston 4GB DDR3-1600, Hyper X (X2=8 GB)
STOR.: WD HDD 250 GB, WD2500AAKX, SATA2 7200 rpm or OCZ Agility3 60 GB (for system plus some other important apps) with my old 160 GB HDD for storage
PSU: HEXA500 from my old PC
Still undecided on the case but will go a budget one, because of, well -- the budget :)

Your opinions/thoughts ??
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  1. What is the main use of this system going to be?
  2. Surfing, everyday use. I'll be playing games on it (like Crysis 3, AC III, NBA 2K13 new CoDs etc.) but I'm not a hardcore gamer.
  3. I would recommend an intel or fx6300 build. What is the budget for this?
  4. ~600 Euros. I've never had an AMD before, always stuck with Intels in my rigs due to their low temps, reliability ...
  5. The weak point of your build would be the 7770. I would try for a 7850 for high settings in modern games. Other than that, it looks good. You might want a new PSU just for reliability. stick with brands like Antec, XFX, Corsair, Seasonic.
  6. I'm aware that 7770 would be the weak point, but it fits the budget ... Will probably upgrade to 8xxx/9xxx series in a few years in this price range ... Thanks for the suggestions. :)
  7. You could go for an fx 6300 and an AM3+ motherboard ans save enough money to swing a 7850. That will show a decent increase in gaming performance. Or if you want intel, you could get an i3 3220 and a 7850 and have better performance in games as well.
  8. I'm supporting the VW above here, a 7850 is really a step up from a 7770, just look at som benchmarks.
  9. The Kingston Hyper-X RAM is unavailable atm at my local shop (where I intend to buy the PC) and they're not sure if it will become available at all.

    A bit more expensive alternative would be GSkill Ripjaws DC kit (2x4 GB). I don't have any experience with GSkill. Are they good (reliable/fast)? The reviews are mostly good (few DoAs from newegg as far as I can tell are responsible for low ratings).

    The RipJaws I'm talking about
  10. I have always had great experiences with G.Skill. I have had 3 sets in my PCs and I think 2 more sets in PC's I have built for friends/family. No issues. I have had good luck with oc'ing/tightening up the timings with them as well. I normally look for them first followed by Corsair and then Kingston. That individual model is verrrry popular ram. 5eggs out of 1,200+ purchases has to tell you something.

    As far as the rest of your build, as the other have said, if you can squeak in a 7850 in your budget, it would definitely be worthwhile. Even if you had to drop your CPU down a few models to sneak it in there, you would come out a lot better overall, as far a gaming.

    If not, its not a bad rig, you'll just have to sacrifice a little gaming eye candy if you game a higher resolutions.
  11. For the case, I'm considering either TT V3 black or LC-Power PRO-923B - Red Captor. The LC-Power is out of stock at the moment and TT is available. TT V3 is known to have a few design flaws and is made out of plastic, while I've never heard of LC-Power, it's a German company and the case is made out of metal.

    Do you think everything will fit inside both cases ?? Which one should I go with (the price is the same)? The only thing holding me back from taking TT right now are those design flaws and the fact its plastic, while LC is metal.

    Thermaltake V3 Black Edition

    LC-Power PRO-923B - Red Captor
  12. Anyone ??
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