I need a new laptop help me choose PLZ

I am considering a lenovo Y580 i7-3770K with 660 8 gigs of ram and a resolution of 1366X768. I have seen them go for as cheap as 750.- I think its an incredible bang for the buck!


Sager P9170 i7-3770K with a 7970M 8gigs of ram. 1920X1080, for around 1500.

OR something with a 7950M, havent been able to find a laptop with one

I know lenovos and sagers last a long time. I know that sagers are upgradeable and I like that alot. Its just that money isnt too much of an issue but not as plentiful as Id like LOL. I also have a gaming Desktop an i7-2600 with 680 and 16 gigs of ram. I go to college so this is for school. But I want a high perfomer. I live on campus so getting home to game isnt a big deal. But I do spend a lot of time away from home too.

Also If anyone owns these could I get user opinions of both?
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