3rd monitor problems

When i connect my third monitor my other 2 blank out, and become completely unusable until the 3rd monitor is disconnected.

Could it be the cord?
The monitor?
My settings some how?
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  1. Which video card? Only the 600 series of the Nvidia line allow for more than 2 monitors to be hooked up to a single card and I'm not sure if all of them can do this, or not.

    With AMD, to use more than 2 requires that one of them use displayport, unless it is the Sapphire FLEX card and maybe some of the professional cards.
  2. Try connecting the 3rd monitor to Integrated graphics, that is what I am currently doing and its working fine.
  3. I did integrated, didn't work, btw just the past day and so on after it first happened, sometimes my main display will flash weird colors, but then be fine in like half a second, and when i start up my system the startup screen is in like a letter box. A black border around the perimeter of the main screen.

    The monitor that is messed up (Samsung), now says Check Signal Cable ("Digital" under it). So this is a good indication that the monitor is fine, and its something with either the cable, the adapter i have to use (VGA to DVI-I), Motherboard, or the Graphics Card.

    *BUT I plugged the monitor into a laptop with switched cords and adapter, and the monitor still said Check Signal Cable, didn't do anything.

    (BTW, I have a MSI gtx 660ti, supports 4 monitors, and 3 in surround.

    This computer is not even a year old, and the graphics card isn't even 4 months old. the monitor though is as old as the computer.

    It annoys me that I just woke up one day to see that my monitor just..didnt work. -_- no way i can buy anything new, with my mom 40k in debt i give her all my money.
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