PSU On The Way Out?

My newly built (5 months old now) PC has started to make strange noises, last week I noticed it.

Once in a while I accidently knock the PC with my knee, not very hard but I've noticed once I tap it, a fan in the machine gets really loud.

If I choose restart and restart the PC it still remains the same, however If I choose shutdown and turn it off then turn it back on its fine.

Decided to open it up to find out its the PSU making the sound ( Corsair CX600)

Turned it off again, blew some compressed air and the sound seemed to have gone away, very strange.

Do you guys reckon it's on the way out?
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  1. I reckon it's a bad fan. Used to always happen on old PSUs that didn't use the greatest quality fans. What happens is that the fan rotates off-axis -- it sort of "wobbles" and this creates a lot of noise. It can sometimes be "knocked" back into the correct axis and the sound goes away. Kinda what it sounds like is happening to your PSU fan.

    Not something you would expect from a Corsair PSU really but I guess some people are simply unlucky :P

    You could always try an RMA??
  2. It could be the fan bearing getting loose. You should check to make sure your fan is running fine (blowing air as it should/cooling), so that the PSU doesn't overheat. Unless you're having any trouble while turning your PC on, having resets while running apps you should be fine. You could also check the voltages to make sure PSU is not damaged.

    I had that same issue with one of my old case fans (it was very loud when the PC turns on), but once i press the middle of the fan (the bearing) it was fine (you shouldn't do this btw., especially around PSU). Why I told you to make sure fan is blowing the air is because my case fan wasn't when it had that noise.
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