Transfering Files Vista and Windows 7 CAT5 Cable

I am trying to transfer all my files from my old laptop running vista and my new desktop running windows 7 using a ethernet crossover cable.

I have set up the TCP/IPv4 parameters on both computers for the connection as and for the laptop and desktop respectively with the same subnet masks, gateways and DNS on both computers. All advanced file sharing options are turned on, as well as network discovery. I have turned windows and antivirus firewalls off and made sure there are files and folders available for sharing on both pc's.Both computers belong to the same workgroup and the connection is on the home network setting. Both computers turn up on the network map when I click see full map in the network and sharing page in controll panel but when I click the network page they do not. Hence I cannot access the other computers to drop and drag files.

It all seems to work fine with windows easy transfer, but files can only be transfered to the disk with windows installed on my desktop which is a SSD and I want the files on my HDD.

this is driving me nuts. I have followed various guides on the net and I do not know why this is not working.

Please Help!!! :)
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  1. are you simply trying to backup files or are you migrating all your settings as well as files to the new system?
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