Should I just buy a HD 7950 now or wait for next gen?

Hey fellas,
I'm considering a new PC, mostly for gaming, office and entertainment. I've been looking at either a HD 7950, or GTX 660ti, although I'm leaning towards the AMD card thanks to opinions of other threads, and it's slightly cheaper.

However, we're approaching the end of the year and AMD will probably release their new cards within the next two months. So should I wait, or buy the HD 7950? Is the HD 7950 future proof, and able to run new games like Far Cry 3 and Crysis on High settings smoothly? When do you think AMD will release their cards?

Other specs:
Intel i5 3570
8GB 1600 RAM
1080p 24" monitor.
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  1. The HD 7950 will be able to run the games you stated easily.

    But if you can wait till amd release their new cards, it will be worth the wait.
  2. My advice : buy the one you can afford today

    Reason : nobody is sure when AMD will release the next gen. The "two month" is a guess at best. There have been almost no leaks about AMD next gen cards. Will it be faster ? Off course. But will it be available a week after launch ? 99% no. Will its price be comparable to a 7950 ? No, because it has the 'new tax'.
    And then, the next gen Nvidia cards will be just round the corner, which wil reduce the price of AMD cards, which will reduce nvidia cards price and so on. Pretty soo, you have the rumours of AMD HD9000 series. So you wait for that.

    You see what i am saying ?

    And a HD7950 is more than enough for all games till 1920x1080 + 2xMSAA for atleast 1-1.5 years. Probably more. With the reduction in AAA games, a HD7950 is overkill. A GTX660ti or a HD7850 is more than enough for most games.
    So yes, with a HD7950, you are more than future proof.
  3. I agree with both guys.

    7950 is enough for that resolution and games. So just get it .It will last you for at least 2 years and with new drivers coming out every time it will be even better .

    Good luck !
  4. Buy now and play now or buy later and play later

    I like the buy now option better myself. 7950 is an awesome gaming card.
  5. If AMD follow the same timeline as the HD7000 release, then the top end cards (the 8900's) should release sometime early January, with the rest of the line releasing by March. Given the current market (and that an Nvidia price drop has got to be imminent), don't see why they would change it.

    Whether its worth waiting is another matter entirely, as without any concrete information (there have been some official looking leaks on the 8800's) and benchmarks, we wont know until the cards have been released whether it was worth waiting.
    If you want to play it safe, wait for the new generation. You will at minimum get the performance of current cards with the possibility of performance boosting driver updates on those cards later.
    Also chances are the 8870 will be the $300 card, not the 8950. So you will have to wait a bit longer until February if you keep to the $300 budget.

    But it really does just come down to when do you want the performance, guaranteed performance now or probably better performance 3 months from now?
  6. even the HD 8000 series will launch in next several months, I think HD 7950 will still be a good card. Especially that the price will go down more once the new series come out. :)
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