Hi, I was just wondering if you could tell me what I should do. Should I decrease my graphics card from a 2GB GTX 650 ti to a 1GB HD7770 and upgrade my CPU from an i3 3240 to an i5 3470. Is there much difference between the 2 graphics cards regarding performance and do you think I would gain a lot from the CPU upgrade in programs like Photoshop and after effects?

(I haven't got the pc yet and these are the ONLY CPU's and GPU's I will buy I just want to know if it's a good decision doing the above because i'm stuck on what to do)
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  1. Go with the i3 3240 and 2GB GTX 650 ti.

    Most games are GPU dependable.

    what games are you planning to play with this rig?
  2. BF3, Crysis, Mirrors Edge, Call of duty etc.

    But I also do graphic design with a tablet (digital Painting) and render things in After effects and I was just wondering if the i3 processor would slow me down at all?
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