Get the 7770 Now or Should I Wait For the 8000 Series?

Hi Toms Hardware Community,

I will Be Building my 1st Gaming Budget Rig this Weekend and I Chose the 7770 as the GPU for my build.
But According to the Internet :O the 8000 Series will be Out By Feb-March....
So Should I get the 7770 or wait with the i5 3570k's HD 4000. ?

Upgrading from a Pentium 4 M btw...... :sol: :sol: :sol:

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  1. Get the 7770 now if u want to play games
    you can always upgrade in the future
  2. I personally wouldn't wait 3+ months for a card to come out. Especially if I didn't have the hardware to play games and needed a gpu now.

    I vote that you get it now and not wait.

    Edit: I'd like to also add that when the 7770 came out, it had a terrible price/performance. It was released at the price of like 180$, that's where the 6870 stood at the time, which was a little bit better. You wouldn't want to wait that long and have to wait a little bit longer to get the price/performance you want.
  3. Venom you got pm ;)
  4. +1 on getting the 7770 now
  5. I'd say check and see if HD 4000 does the job good enough for you. If not,then upgrade now. If it does, then wait and upgrade later to something better.
  6. The Current Games I would be playing is Minecraft :P and some WoW, GW2
    and The HD 4000 Gives me some decent FPS ..... should I wait ?
  7. If you're currently happy with HD 4000, then I'd recommend waiting. There's not much point in fixing something before it's broken, especially since you'll be able to fix it better later on.
  8. Any more sugestions ? I really need some help...
  9. Btw shoukd I get the 7770 or 650 ti if im getting a discrete gpu
  10. Assuming that you went with my suggestion, Radeon 8xxx options might be out to consider and although less likely, so too might be GT/GTS/GTX 7xx options (assuming that they go for GTX 7xx instead of 8xx, Nvidia skipped a generation number for retail cards before and I wouldn't put it past them to do it again), so the 7770 or 650 Ti may be poor options at the time (that is a might, not a guarantee).

    If you were to get a new graphics card right now, then I'd recommend either a 7770 or a 7850. 7850s can be found too close to the 650 Ti in price for me to recommend it and 7770s are too close in performance with much better pricing and in some cases, generally superior performance as well as comparable future-proofing, making the 650 Ti even more difficult to recommend.

    I'd like to say that this isn't to say that the 650 Ti is a bad card, but it kinda is. In some situations, it performs on-par with the GTX 560/ Radeon6870 and even the GTX 560 Ti and Radoen 6950, but in others, it performs on-par with the Radeon 7770 (all of this is referring to reference performance for each card). Performance that is between the 560/6870 and the reference 7770 (IE around the 560 SE/460 192 bit/6850) is more common with the more modern games such as BF3 MP, Metro 2033, and such with good resolutions/settings and levels of MSAA that the 77780 can handle.

    Gonna rant a little here, please bare with me:

    This is because it has a mere 128 bit memory bus that is so limiting that it performs extremely close to exactly as well as the 7770 in very intensive situations. Now I will say that it's more likely to be around the 560 and 6870 in most situations and the majority of heavy situations are a little too intense for the 650 Ti and the 7770 at stock, but with manual overclocking beyond any factory overclocked model, this can matter.

    I'm not making this out to be an AMD versus Nvidia recommendation at all. Had Nvidia made the 650 Ti with 576 cores and a 192 bit memory interface with its current pricing, I'd change my mind about it in a heartbeat. However, they gave it an incredibly unbalanced ratio of GPU performance to memory bandwidth for who knows why regardless of what I think. I could even show my math for why I'm convinced it would have been better if anyone wants me to :/
  11. My recommendation, should you want a discrete card right now, is this Radeon 7770:

    With a nearly 10% performance advantage over reference for the 7770, it's almost exactly on-par with the 650 Ti and Radeon 6870 in most situations.

    If, despite anything that I have said and may say later, you want a 650 Ti, then this is the cheapest that I can find and ocnsider to be worth having (I admit to it having a somewhat tempting price):

    However, another mere $5 gives you this 7850 1GB:
    It doesn't have a great cooler, but it'll still overclock like mad compared to the 7770 and the 650 Ti.

    My only problem with the 7850 1GB is that it has so much GPU performance and memory bandwidth that it can be bottle-necked in some situations by a mere 1GB of memory capacity. The 2GB models have no such problem. The Radoen 7770 and GTX 650 have no such problem purely because they don't have enough performance to be bottle-necked by 1GB of memory capacity. This is easily alleviated by changing the settings to a slightly more GPU-centered and/or memory bandwidth-centered, but slightly less memory-capacity-centered settings choice (such as decreasing MSAA slightly and increasing tessellation or such), but I find it annoying to have to sacrifice MSAA quality. This is only an issue at ~2+MegaPixel resolutions such as 1080p and up.
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