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Hello all,

I am going to purchase a new GPU for gaming and came down to the HD 7850, within my budget of ~$180. I was browsing on Newegg and saw that this card had a default core clock of 1000mhz.

1) Is this going to perform better than the standard 860mhz editions? And it is not factory OC'd version right? so I could OC to a higher clock than the standard 860mhz is limited to?

2) Also, if the range of GPU-intensive games I play don't go beyond say, BF3 or the like, will a 1GB version of 7850 suffice just for the next one year? I will not be playing past 1080p (i5-2500K, 8GB ram) and I don't need everything on ULTRA+AA/AF, just want 60 FPS on decent quality.

1GB version, clocked @ 900mhz:

Sorry for my newbie question, and thanks in advance! Please try not to recommend the 7870, it just makes me sad to know that I can't afford such thang at just $40-60 more :(
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  1. Also, how is the PowerColor brand? Would you recommend it?
  2. The 7870 is not a greatly better or faster card than the 7850, it is at the very best 10% faster clock for clock and generally overclocks a little higher as it has two 6 pin power lines vs one on the 7850, giving it more room.

    but the 7850 will get to 1150 / 1400, at that its easily fast enough to play BF3 on Ultra Preset @ 1080P.

    But don't get the 1GB version, that is not enough vRAM to ultra BF3 @ 1080P, you should be looking at the 2GB version.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, you helped me make my decision! I guess I will go with the 2GB if it can run BF3 OC'd! Even though I don't even play BF3 lol

    However, could you elaborate on my first question a little more? And does anyone know anything about the 2GB card I posted? I'm not familiar at all with PowerColor but it's the only card within my budget. Does it compare with stock XFX/Sapphire/etc, if at all?
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