New to building computers, want a compact gaming pc, thoughts on build

Hi guys, I'm new to the site. was reviewing it and seemed like the best place to ask for help/opinions. Price is not the issue, just an fyi. So were we go.

First off, the case.

Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced mITX Compact Aluminum Case Black 1X5.25 3X3.5INT USB3.0 No PSU. ---$45 [...] OLERMASTER

lots of fans, sound isn't an issue and I don't want anything to fry.

or LIAN LI PC-Q08B Black Aluminum Mini-ITX Tower Computer Case $109.99 [...] -11112265.

Now I don't know much about the Mini iTX's at all. but with what I do know I chose: [...] 007RIFLVQ. -$100.

I haven't had a problem with Intel Motherboards yet, but I have heard alot of people have issues.

RAM: Corsair's 8GB Vengeance DDR3 kit $50

I'm a hardcore gamer, Multiboxing WoW in ultra would be heaven.

RAM: [...] Mgodyi4A2w

CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz Turbo Boost) LGA 1155 95W Quad-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 3000- $219.99

thats all.

CPU: [...] 6819115072

Graphics Card: Asus GTX 570 DirectCU II -- Upwards toward $400.

It's a beautiful card with extra cooling. I want it. [...] B004MN3HBA

I don't know what to do with storage, drives, SSD, etc. and what would fit in them cases. Any help or reccomendations to other products would be nice.
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  1. right now newegg is selling 3570k's for the same price as 2500k's. the 3570k will be cooler, and is better per clock.

    IDK what card that is as the link is broken, but you should get a hd-7850 1gb if your using 1 screen and 2gb if using more.

    and im sure that just about any 3.5 inch drive will work, its standard... make sure on the case's site. im too lazy.
  2. +1 to the above, additional comments are:

    1 - If you are planning to overclock make sure you have a Z77 mobo, if not then you dont need a k edition CPU. Also make sure you have enough room in your case for a decent heat sink.

    2 - On the home page of Tom's you find a recent review of Z77 mini itx boards, have a read of that.

    3 - Try to get low profile RAM.
  3. Thanks guys. I don't plan on over clocking.

    & heatsink?

    really new, like I've never replaced a part in my computer new to this. I just know alot about RAM and CPU usage from gaming. About it.

    all the links broke when I copied and pasted it over from another section. Placed it in the wrong one, thats why I put what it was called so you could google it. haha...
  4. If you're not overclocking get a cheaper h77 mobo. Also you will not need a k edition CPU, just get the 3570.

    When i said heatsink i meant CPU cooler. If you're not over clocking you can stick with stock though.
  5. neweggtv's youtube channel has a guide.

    i would link you, but i got to go. if your not going to oc go with the normal 3570 and stock cooler.
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