Random Power Outtage

My system all of a sudden just has a power outtage. I can't work out what it is. Its happened 3 times. I can be using for hours and then it will just turn off as it someone pulled the plug.

NB: I have not overclocked the system and using the Asus suite I currently have a CPU temp of 26 deg c and mobo temp of 19 deg c.

Any ideas?

Asus P8z77-v (bios: 1708)
Be Quiet BN106 Pure Power L7 530W Power Supply
i7 3770k
Corsair (4 x 8GB)
Intel 520 SSD 120GB
WD Caviar Black 1TB
WD Green 2TB
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  1. Hi, It might be a power supply issue. Can you test a spare one?
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