Packardbell EasyNote TS : Having FPS issues

Hello, I have bought a laptop 5 months ago and with some games for exapmle; Assassin's creed III, League of Legends. I have been experiencing pfs issues with them. I played assassin's creed untill the 5th chapter without any problem or FPS drops at all and it was running smoothly. All of a sudden when I want to play again my pc starts out normal and after 2-3 minutes my pc starts Freezing like crazy the FPS drops instantly and it becomes un-playable. I have tried everything, I have even tried to out play the FPS thinking it might be caused by being in a forest but my pc just switched off. Can someone please help me ?

Exact system specs so you wont have to look it up:

Intel Core i5-2430M CPU@ 2.40 GHz (4 CPUs)
Nvidia GeForce GT540M 2GB VRAM
5GB DDR3 Memory

My Graphics Driver is up to date.
What can I do ?
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  1. your i5 is not a quad core, it's dual core with HT.

    I suspect it is a heat issue. If you could download SPEEDFAN and MSI AFTERBURNER and check your temperatures.

    To lessen the heat you can go into your power options and change plan settings, click the advanced tab and set your CPU max to 99%.

    That disables the turbo mode and will drastically reduce the heat.

    It is probably bad TIM in my opinion. I had a similar GPU (525m) and the manufacturer supplied TIM was AWFUL. I replaced it with MX-4.

    Not for the faint hearted, but I regularly disassemble laptops so I can do this. If you are not confident then take it to a shop and they can do it for you. It should not cost much.

    This all assumes it is heat. Please post the readings.
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