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First off I would like to apologize for the non detailed topic as I really don't know what to put there considering that I'm puzzled myself on what's going on.
Hope you guys can help me with that. I'll try to be as detailed as possible regading my issue, thanks in advance.

So I'm building my first PC with a friend, we both have sufficient knowledge and he has quite a bit of experience with it too since he has built ones before.

After we put all the hardware pieces together we do get an issue tho. I'm 100% sure that it's not because we did something wrong when putting it together, I could bet my limbs that we put everything where it's supposed to be, no "extra" cables laying around or anything...

The issue is that when we try to start up the PC it starts up for like 10 seconds then resets. Does this over and over till we finally shut it off. You can't even hear the starting beep nor does anything appear on the screen.
We tried removing some parts and starting it up again thinking that one of them is the cause of this but with no avail.

The mother board gives out 1E on its 2 digit display and that's all. The fans are working but they go off/on along with all the LED's and everything (all of those work too).

I personally think that the BIOS is outdated since I read something about that when I searched for possible problems regarding the config I chose. My friend on the other hand thinks that the motherboard is malfunctioning. Could you please tell us if one of us is right or if the problem is something else?

This is the configuration:

- Motherboard - Intel Main Board Desktop iZ68
- Processor - Intel CPU Desktop Core i5-3350P
- RAM - Kingston 8GB (2x4) 1333MHz
- Graphics card - SAPPHIRE Video Card Radeon HD 7770 VAPOR-X GDDR5 1GB
- Power Supply - Power Supply SILVERSTONE Strider Essential ST60F-ES AC 90-264V 600W
- Storage - Western Digital HDD Desktop Caviar Black 1TB
- Kingston SSD 90GB

Once again thank you, and I hope that you will be able to solve the "mistery".
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  1. I am guessing your CPU does not have onboard (I took a look and did not see, I am assuming that is what the P postscript defines) graphics, and according to this description, 1E means you are in the BIOS, but because you are receiving no output to your monitor, you have a GPU issue. The descriptions are as follows:

    When the system powers on and the Debug LED shows the usual POST code sequence but hangs on 2b or you get a beep code as soon as the sequence reaches 2b, then the Mainboard cant detect your Videocard properly. Note that the POST code sequence might not halt at 2b but continue, so the final POST Code it displays could be FF, 1E or 7F which means the Maiboard booted, entered BIOS, or OC recovery kicked in and is waiting for Input to enter BIOS. Since the Videocard couldnt be detected properly you will only see a black Monitor and either 2b, FF, 1E or 7F. Check if there is something wrong with the Videocard, the PCIE slot or BUS, the Monitor or monitor cable. Turn the Monitor on and off, switch the Monitor cable from one D-SUB or DVI plug to the other in case your Videocard has two. If this doesnt help then reboot and load the optimized defaults. If that doesnt help either try another Videocard if possible, or try the Videocard in another system to make sure its working properly. Try another monitor or try the Monitor on another System.

    When the system detects that a critical error happened during the last boot attempt or several boot attempts failed, so OC recovery kicked in. There should be a message displayed on the Display informing you that OC revocery kicked in and that
  2. Bah, make sure your MOBO says it is updated to support Ivy Bridge, if not, you need a BIOS update. What you are seeing happen is actually a common symptom I believe (from what I see on here).
  3. I totally agree with Chugot9218

    Even try to use another mobo that supports ivy bridge processor and check the power supply requirement for graphic card.
    if that does not work Check your monitor
  4. Hey again, thank you for your replies.

    I know my monitor and the cables work as I usually use it for my old PC, and the GPU is getting enough power (is properly connected too).
    I doubt that it's an issue with those, if not, can I test it somehow without actually finding another PC that supports it? Also the fans on the GPU turn on and off along with the rest (don't know if that info offers some help but I just threw it to be thural).

    On the MOBO topic, how do I check if it is updated to support Ivy Bridge?
    And what is the easiest way to update the BIOS without... well actually being able to do anything on the PC. Do I need to get another processor that is compatible at this stage and use it?
  5. Yes you would need a CPU compatible for the MOBO in its current state, some newer motherboards have built in USB ports that can flash your BIOS but I don't think they are on z68 boards. It might be labeled with it's installed BIOS version, but usually newer z68 boards will come with a sticker right on the box saying it is Ivy Bridge Compatible! if they have upgraded the BIOS before shipping/production.
  6. Nope, no big flashy sticker.

    I will try to get another i5 processor from a friend without ivy bridge and test it with my system.

    That will take a few days tho so any other ideas/suggestions are very welcome. (Just to try to sort out if this really is the problem so that he doesn't need to bring it for nothing)
  7. It is almost 100% the problem and if not the main issue would need to be resolved before troubleshooting anything else.
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