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Problem with AMD 7950 not posting

Bought a 7950 a few months ago and when i installed it i by accidently hook the pcie 8 pin wire to the spot on the modular psu where the molex connector goes. The card would only turn on for 1 second then shut off and the system would not post. After realizing my mistake I changed the spot on the power supply with the same results. I returned it with no problem just figuring a bad card but now i ordered a new one and im not sure if maybe my psu could be the problem. Any input would be great
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  1. Well...what type of PSU is it? I'm assuming you have enough voltage to power everything up, right? If so, you're right, one would assume it's your PSU. But unfortunately, it could be other things...such as your PCI slot on your Motherboard.

    If you have a spare PSU, try that one...if you have a old PCIe videocard, try it and if it works then you know your motherboard is fine. Try and narrow it down as much as you can before buying new components (such as a new PSU).
  2. yeah i actaully have a 6670 im running now and its perfectly fine, my psu is a 730 watt so i should have way more than enough power. What im really just nervous about is i just got a 6970 for 180 bucks and i just dont want to blow up the card. My power supply is a Raidmax Rx-730ss which i see has many up and downs with every review i read. Should i just play it safe and just get a new power supply, or would it be ok to give it a try. The 6670 does not use a 6 or 8 pin connector so i never found out if it was the power supply
  3. Boy I hope I didn't do the same thing you did with your 7950, I'm actually in a pretty similar situation, I also have an old 6670, I'll go try that out :P
  4. yeah im using a 6670 now but mine does not requie power from the power supply via a 6 or 8 pin connector, so what im afraid of is that my psu might be on the fritz so im very afraid to pop in my new 6970 and blow that apart too. Like i stated before im pretty sure using the wrong spot on the modular psu did fry the card the first time through and i know for a fact it will easily fry a hard drive if you use a sata cable on the pcie spot on the psu. Hopefully my friend stops by tomorrow hes got and old gpu that uses a 6 pin connector and if it blows his card up aswell at least i have a place to start and i could just give him my 6670
  5. alright got my new card and everything is fine now, it was just me improperly installing it and my new card is perfect
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    I wish I could have seen your face when your pressed on that power button. haha.

    I've been in that situation before and I know how it feels...pretty scary.

    Glad it all worked out : )
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