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Best gpu for quadcore 2.66 GHz 460W PSU 4 GB RAM system

Currently using 3 year old radeon 5670 1GB with intel q9400 2.66 GHz CPU, 4 GB DDR3 dual-channel, 1333 MHz bus, 1 TB hdd, 460W PSU (delta electronics) - max combined power: 12Va, 12Vb & 12Vc=385W, 5v~13A, 3.3v~17A, (12Va~16A, -12V~0.8A), (12Vb~15A, 5stb~2A), (12Vc~8A). Is the cpu powerful enough for a radeon 7770 and/or the psu beefy enough? The system came with nvidia 9800gt 1gb. Should I choose physx and 75w connectors or go amd-style?
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    Yes it is. As soon that this system could handle 9800Gt 7770 wouldnt be a problem.

    You have 32 A on 12 V rail .

    7770 need 85W while 9800 Gt need up to 130W w/o OC.

    Good Luck !
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