Build Critique, Let me know what you think

Build Critique...
Let me know what you think.

Asus DVD Writer $19.99


Fractal Case $109.99

Seagate Barracude 3tb $169 x2 = $339

Geforce 670 $449

HT Omega Sound Card $199

Seasonic x750 $149

Gaming KB $29.99

Ares Ram $84.99

Gigabyte UD5H mobo $179.99

3570k $229.99

CPU cooler $29.99

Total, 1824.88 +22.32 shipping.
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  1. Everything looks good should be quite a nice build.

    Here are my comments/questions about it though...

    The case might not have a whole lot of room being a Mid Tower with that 670.
    I would spend less on the soundcard and more on a different keyboard.
    Will the CPU cooler give you significant benefit over the Intel one that comes with the CPU?
    Do you plan on putting the Hard Drives in a RAID configuration?
    Do you need 6tb of Hard Drive Space?
  2. (can't follow your links)
    - kill the soundcard completely or get a lower end X-Fi or Asus Xonar
    - drop down to one HDD and add an SSD (if this is just gaming I'd completely eliminate the HDDs, get a 256GB SSD, and have money left over for something else)
    - if that's an Evo cooler you'll get very reasonable overclocks
    - if the case has good cooling, and fractal usually does, i'd recommend a multi-fan open cooler gpu over a reference card (mine is freakin loud)
    - would look at GHz edition 7970 over a more expensive 670 (two models at newegg today for $420 after rebate) - or, get a non OC 670 with the free games if you'd buy them anyway
  3. -I don't plan to Raid, but I do plan to use the 2nd hard drive as a cloned image.

    -Mostly for gaming, but for home vid/pic storage as well.

    -I will get a Full Tower!!

    -Will check a cheaper 670!

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